Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolution

So here's the deal, I promised two of my very good friends from Nebraska (S/O to Jessie and Kimber) that I would keep my blog up to date. That was back in October…… And here we are in January, I know I am suuuuper on the ball. Also, this is my (Jocelyn's) first EVER blogpost before this Mr. Joey was the one in charge of the blog. Here are a whole lot of pictures to catch you all (my sister, mom, Kimber, and Jessie) up on what the Sigety family has been up to the past year!

"Walking Group" this was one of my favorite things about Nebraska.  Multiple times a week all of us grad school wives would get together, walk to a park, the kids would play, and then we would walk back…..yup that's it!

Swimming Lessons-Henry HATED them at first.
Visiting mommy at work.
Henry just being awesome.
The WORST game ever, but awesome friends.
Family night at our favorite Yovanna cone in Lincoln NE.
Joe's 28th birthday!!
First time in a high chair!
Spring Break in Utah

Spring Break in Utah (Easter Egg Hunt)

Spring Break watching the Cougars play.

Henry's first baseball game 

My last day work (my favorite junior class)

Joey's first day of school picture, and last day of school picture.

Last Yogurtini run with the girls.

Saying goodbye at book club, Jessie and I went ALL the time ;)

First swim after moving to Utah.

Splash Pad right next to our house, we visited this place A LOT.

Bee's game with the family.

Hanging out with family.

The Ragnar…check of the bucket list…never again.

Joey and Henry's first night as bachelors while I ran the Ragnar.

My boys on the 4th of July.

The Dutson's came to hang out….we love them.

Henry's cowboy phase.


Our first trip without Henry, so hard but so much fun at the US Open!

Henry's superman phase.

Went to the BYU vs. Utah game….meh


Henry had surgery:(

Jocelyn coached the Davis High girl's tennis team and we won State for the first time in school history.

Joey being sworn in.

Trick-or-Treating (also Henry's Buzz phase)

ANNNNND FINALLY Christmas, our first Christmas with just our little family.  It was amazing, seriously best Christmas EVER.

Well, there ya go, I am going to be honest this was not enjoyable and really time consuming.  But the hope is that I will never have to "catch up" this much again! That was the Sigety family in 2013!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sled Day

The Sigety Family headed to Omaha to go sledding with Henry's cousins, Molly, Mack, and Mykel. We played in the snow, laughed, and most importantly went very fast down an icy hill on a small piece of plastic. Enjoy our video of the Sled Day.

Sled Day from Joe Sigety on Vimeo.